Things to look for inside a Moving Company – Selecting a Reliable Moving Service

Relocating can be one of the most daunting tasks a family will ever face, and one that many cannot do alone. Hiring the services of a professional relocation company can help take much of the burden and work off your shoulders. But the quality of some companies leaves much to be desired, a fact that many discover far too late. Choosing a relocation company is a process that should be done carefully to ensure that their services are of the high quality your family deserves. Here are some tips and pointers to consider when trying determining which company you’ll hire for your upcoming move.

Most moving companies must follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s rules. All interstate relocation companies must abide by their guidelines. When choosing a moving company, search the FMCSA’s database for the company’s registration numbers. If the numbers are missing or don’t match, avoid the company. If the company is listed with the FMCSA, do a small amount of research. You can find consumer complaints filed with the FMCSA, as well as any FMCSA rule violations the company has been charged with. Use this information to determine if the company is worth your time and money. Additionally, ensure that the company is registered with the California Public Utilities Commission.

Next, be sure the relocation company can provide you with proof of an insurance policy. A moving company is responsible for any damage they inflict on your property during the move, and one that cannot provide insurance documents may be unable to cover your items. A certificate or official letter from their insurance company is usually enough proof. Normally, companies have several different insurance options depending upon your needs. Investigate each type of insurance option they offer and be sure you purchase the one that best covers your belongings. A few extra dollars for better coverage will be worth the peace of mind that comes with it.

Finally, utilize the internet. Dozens of websites exist that are devoted to giving customer reviews of everything imaginable. A quick entry into a search engine will likely bring up message board entries, blog posts, or testimonials from previous customers. Reading what they have to say about the company you’re considering may be the best way to judge whether or not a relocation company is worth hiring. In addition, these sites may direct you to more reputable companies you may not be aware of. Performing a little bit of research is a good way to ensure that your moving experience is as pleasurable and smooth as possible.