Create an Experience of Custom Packaging

There are number of elements that must work simultaneously while creating well-designed branded packaging so that you need not include all the available options to get better unboxing experience.

Rather, you must decide which improvements in your custom boxes will deliver the best kind of experience to your customers. Investing strategically in such items may help in creating a better unboxing experience that your customers will not soon forget.

  1. Packaging

The main shipping container will be the most significant element that you need to consider. Based on the product, you may either choose a bag, box or poly mailer.

Brown and white corrugated packaging options can be cheaper, sturdier and easily available option. However, they may not provide a good first impression that you may be looking for.

  • Tissue paper

If you wrap your products within tissue paper then it may add an excitement by building just another anticipation layer into unboxing experience. A solid option to choose will be colored tissue paper or custom-printed tissue paper.

  • Filler

You may include packing peanuts, air pillows, foam inserts or bubble wrap. Though popping bubble wrap can be an exciting for few people however it isn’t too appealing and may not offer premium feel.

  • Stickers

Stickers can be a better option as they are fairly inexpensive. Try to use tissue paper with branded sticker and seal them together. Or you can do custom printing on the box, by using stickers so that you may brand your packages well on a budget.

  • Promotional material or business card

Another cost-effective idea can be use of business cards which offers a way to add small promo pieces in your package. Remember, it is not necessary that they should mimic the aesthetics offered by corporate business cards.

  • Packing slip

It is standard practices to include packing slip or receipt in the package, but many often people don’t use this for branding or creating marketing opportunity.

  • Custom note

Handwritten notes can appeal to many customers. This will give an opportunity to connect to your customer. Through personal note or card, you can make a difference particularly by sending a handwritten message.

  • Tape

Nowadays, you can get a variety of tape options for complementing in your custom package. You may also create a branded tape too.

  • Sample or gift

Looking at the customer’s purchase history you can also prefer to include free sample of some other product as a gift. Ideally, you must select something that your shopper may be interested in.