Ply Value in Corrugated Boxes: Picking the Required Strength and Quality

Packaging plays an important role in keeping products protected and safe during transport, handling, shipping, and storage. Packaging materials must have the important features necessary for storage. They need to be durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, and light. Corrugated boxes possess these features and this is the reason businesses prefer to use them. They can withstand the elements no matter warehouse for boxes they will be stored.

When manufacturing corrugated boxes, the strength and structure of the material used are analyzed to determine the packaging material’s quality, endurance, and safety.  The strength of the paper is determined by considering different factors including ply value. Keep reading to understand why ply value matters in terms of using corrugated boxes:

Significance of Ply Value

The corrugated paper and linerboards are used as materials to manufacture corrugated boxes. Corrugation is a process that involves the fluting of the paper. Paper is passed through corrugation rolls to get the fluted materials that corrugated boxes have. The fluted paper is sandwiched between the linerboards to create the boxes. It has air columns that can offer a cushioning effect and support the weight of the contents of the boxes.

A corrugated box’s strength can be divided into categories such as three-ply, seven-ply, five-ply, and more. Depending on the kind of products used and the type of handling required, the box’s ply value can vary. For instance, a three ply box has a fluted paper sandwiched between two line boards. This kind of box can be used in storing and shipping heavy and delicate products. Also, five ply boxes have three linerboards and two fluted paper sandwiched together.

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes can be folded as well as cut into various shape and sizes. Depending on the ply value their strength varies. The many sizes and shapes available make these boxes a versatile packaging solution. Although products such as glasses require more strength and cushioning ability and higher ply value, the majority of the daily used corrugated boxes use lower ply value.

But, regardless of the ply value, corrugated boxes are used for helping retain the value of the materials or products packed. In addition, boxes with lower ply value can be used as inherent attachments in corrugated or other kinds of boxes when transporting goods. They are resistant to the movement of the products inside the box and thus prevent damage during transportation and storage.