Replacing the Manhole Cover in your Private Driveway

If you are like other property owners, you may have a busy life and the last thing you want is to replace a damaged or missing manhole cover. With this problem comes the need to find and install a replacement. But, your stress can spike as you have to deal with the fact that you cannot use the driveway because of the hole in it. However, you do not have to fret as you can easily find a good replacement for your damaged manhole cover. Whether you have concrete or plastic manholes, you want to choose a manhole cover made from a sturdy material. Here are tips to guide you through the process of replacing your manhole cover:

Address Even a Small Crack on the Manhole Cover

A small crack on the manhole cover can seem like a small problem; however, you need to be realistic. Such crack can compromise the manhole cover’s strength. In fact, a small crack can easily become big when left unaddressed. Even a minor structural problem with your manhole cover should already warrant a replacement. Also, if the manhole cover is damaged, it is important to replace the frame.

Take Accurate Measurements

This will help you get a replacement manhole cover that fits your manhole. When taking the measurement, you will need to take the width, depth of the hold in the ground, and the height. You can get the clear opening measurement by placing the tape measure into the hole and measuring the manhole’s size below from wall to wall. If your manhole cover has an inspection chamber underneath it, you must measure the circular chamber’s diameter and choose a manhole cover and frame that match this. Make sure to double check the compatibility of the manhole cover and frame with all major inspection chamber brands. Also, ensure it is the correct load class.

Choose the Most Suitable Load Class

Every load class denotes the maximum weight that a manhole can safely take. For instance, if you are installing a manhole cover in a private driveway, B125 could have enough load capacity since it allows for up to 12.5 tonnes of loading. This capacity can accommodate vans and 4x4s on a residential driveway. However, you must be made your own decision but you must think about thing such as food shopping delivery vans and lorries that will use your driveway to turn.

Pick the Manhole Cover Material

After you determine the size and load class you need for a manhole cover, it’s time to pick the material you want it to be made from. Your choices include aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, composite galvanized steel, fiberglass, and plastic.