Things to Consider While Hiring Document Shredding Services

When you cover all the risks and threats your business is exposed to, the chances that you ignored paper destruction process tops the list. Today, everything has shifted to computers therefore focus is on strengthening your digital arena.

Finance and healthcare sectors still hold hard copies of confidential data. Losing this can be terrible for marketing and hospitality sectors. They can experience loss of business and huge lawsuits or penalties or both. This can be end of business and reputation, which took years to build but were damaged with little ignorance.

Why contact document shredding service?

Usually, when trash leaves your ground with highly sensitive information, your responsibility ends. Practically, anyone sifts through it in search of payroll information or customer list or anything committed on paper. Why must you entrust the destruction of sensitive documents to some strangers? Is it not a good idea to keep such security-critical process in-house? Actually, it is sensible to hire certified paper shredding services is a great way to ensure that every document gets torn into tiny pieces.

Every year 1% bank employees get fired for dishonesty or petty frauds. This is sufficient to not allow new or old employees do the shredding.

Outsourcing this non-core business task to professionals is good because they have industrial strength shredder to destroy high volume paper waste. It will tend to be cheaper for sectors who use bulk of paper.

Things to consider while hiring document shredding company

Are they certified?

Certification from reputable third-party association ensures that you are partnering with a company that complies with all the shredding laws. Certified shredding companies are subjected to random or yearly audits for compliance of best practices.

Do they shred documents onsite or offsite?

Some business owners are concerned and prefer onsite shredding services. When they hear and see the gigantic ferrous teeth thrashing and tearing the documents in bits, they know that the data is totally ripped off. If they don’t have space for truck parking onsite then they can visit the offsite facility along with the team and supervise the destruction process.

Do they dump or recycle?

Find out what happens after the paper gets shredded. Is it transported to a recycling base for turning back into paper pulp or hauled to a dump? The former is better because in the recycling process documents turn into pulp, which no technology can put together. It is also great for the environment.

Whenever, a customer or employee gives their bank details they trust you, so it becomes your duty to stay true to their expectations. So, protect it, even destroy it safely!