Globe Valve and Its Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

Globe valves are linear motion types of valves and they are primarily designed in order to stop, start or regulate the flow of the medium. It is possible to totally remove the disk of Globe valve from the path of flow of the medium or it can also completely close full path of the flow.

This Conventional Globe valves can be used in order to isolate and doing throttling services. Though such kind of valves exhibit higher amount of pressure drops as compared to straight through valves, they can be used where pressure drop through valve is not actually a controlling factor.

In order to go for throttling the flow control, these globe valves are used. You can accomplish shut off just by moving this disc against the stream of flow rather than just across it, as particularly in case with gate valve.

In the flow pattern via a globe valve will involve changes in the direction, and as a result there will be much greater resistance offered to flow, and as a result it will cause high pressure drop. Such globe valve can be an excellent valve which can be used in high-pressure operation of the steam.

There are number of manufacturers who are offering such type of sanitary valves that are made out of quality material so that it can be used for long term applications.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages that you can find in these Globe valves


  • Good shutoff capability
  • Shorter stroke as compared to gate valve
  • Throttling capability of moderate to good
  • They are available in wye, tee and angle patterns and each of them offering unique capabilities
  • Quite easy to machine and resurface the seats
  • These valves can also be used as stop-check valve with disc not remaining attached to its stem,


  • As compared to gate valve it has higher pressure drop
  • Needs much greater force or larger actuator for seating the valve by providing pressure under seat
  • You can get under seat throttling flow and over the seat shutoff flow

Few Applications of the Globe valves

Few of the typical use and applications of these globe valves are as follows:

  • As cooling water systems if you need well-regulated flow
  • In the fuel oil systems where it is important to have well-regulated flow and leak tightness
  • Low-point drains and high-point vents when leak tightness and safety will be major considerations
  • Chemical feed, feedwater, condenser air extraction, also extraction drain systems
  • In boiler drains and vents, main steam drains and vents and also heater drains
  • In turbine seals/drains
  • Also, turbine lube oil-system and others