Decoding The Varied Applications, Use And Benefits Of Hydraulic Tensioners!

Industrial projects need diverse kinds of torque tools, and hydraulic tensioners are one on the list. In simple words, hydraulic tensioners are tools used for stretching bolts for different applications. Bolts and studs don’t work like spring, so you have to stretch these components at assembly with the right amount of force, so that the required work can be done. The load on the studs and bolts has to be extremely precise and accurate, neither too low or too high. With hydraulic tensioners, the job gets supremely easy, because the load can be adjusted. Check some of the more applications of these torque tools and how you can use them.

The various applications of hydraulic tensioners

In industrial situations, hydraulic tensioners are used for diverse needs. In most cases, these tools are used for pipeline flanges, valves, pumps, manways, and even for pressure vessels. Diesel engines, turbines, industrial rock grinders, reactors and wind turbines also often need adjustment with hydraulic tensioners.

Other things to know

The power to weight ratio for hydraulic tensioners is extremely high, so these tools are not that bulky, specially if you compare with some of the other torque tools. These are also much easier to use, so the user or operator doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort. There are three basic parts of a hydraulic tensioner – the bridge, puller and load cell, and all of these components must be placed in position to actually get the work done. Since hydraulic pressure is used for the job, the operator can use these tools easily. There are many manufacturers, who offer all the assistance required to use hydraulic tensioners, so you can expect to get your team trained. This not only eases the job and simplifies the overall process of using these tools, but also ensures that the product’s lifetime is expanded.

In conclusion

If you are new to buying hydraulic tensioners for industrial needs, we recommend that you find a reliable company or manufacturer, who can offer all sorts of other torque tools, as well. Depending on the style and purpose of the tool, along with the number of products you need, you can expect to get an estimate. Also, keep in mind that these hydraulic tensioners are to be used as recommended, so don’t forget to seek help for training, and yes, don’t shy away from asking for aftersales assistance and other terms that may correspond to your purchase.

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