Mistakes to Avoid with In-Store Signage

Your retail signage is a critical component of the right kind of ambience, and rather than rushing into this, you are well-advised to seek some professional help.  A lot of research has been carried out regarding in-store signage, and with that in mind, here are a few signage mistakes you don’t want to make.

  • Incorrect Size and Angle – Any sign that is too small, will not be readable, and if it is too large, it can overshadow everything. The signage needs to be angled to face traffic, and if you need a little inspiration, take a walk around your nearest shopping mall and take note of various stores, looking specifically for sign size and angle.
  • Using the Wrong Fonts – Your font needs to be easy to read, and with favourites like Arial, Impact bold and other non-elaborate fonts, you really can’t go wrong. Avoid anything in script, as this can be particularly difficult to read, especially by a non-native, and make sure the font size is such that it can be read from the furthest points, but not large enough to become a focal point.
  • Not Focusing on Branding – In-store signage is a perfect tool for branding, and your company colours should be the basis for all your signage, with everything from informational signage to product stickers (called สติ๊กเกอร์ ติด ผลิตภัณฑ์ in Thailand). When combined with exterior advertising and your online presence, your branding should be very effective, and if you would like some professional help, some commercial printers have an in-house signage designer, so you can have the complete package.
  • Failing to Change Promotional Signage – People want to see some variation, and you should have seasonal concepts, and aside from your informational signage, everything else needs a revamp every couple of months. You can introduce seasons that offer attractive discounts, and with a different window layout, your existing customers will always have something new to absorb.
  • Lack of Graphics – Attractive art has its place in store signage, especially with calls to action, where good use of bright colours and bold shapes draws attention where it is wanted. There should be a balance between text and graphics, and ask any seasoned in-store designer and they will confirm that graphics are a powerful tool that needs to be explored.
  • Lack of Colour Contrast – Take a walk through a local department store and note the colour contrasts they employ, and let’s not forget your colour schemes, which your signage should be should be contrasted with. Talk to a commercial signage printer, who can advise you on every aspect of signage design and location, and take a look at the wide range of composites that can be printed upon.

If you have no experience in setting up in-store retail signage, you are advised to seek out a commercial printer, who can also design your signs, labels and stickers. Of course, changes will have to be made, which the printer can help you with, and with the right messages in the right locations, your signage will encourage visitors to buy.

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