A Guide to Learn About Logging Truck and Its Types

A logging truck is also called as a timber lorry. It is large in size and used for carrying logs in it. A few of such logging trucks have integrated flatbeds, while others are detached tractor units. Many trucks have more than one trailer attached to it. Some of the trucks are organized to distribute a load between the trailer and the tractor unit.

Let us more on logging trucks and the various types of it.

Why logging trucks got introduced?

The majority of trees that get cut down are those that are close to the waterways. This is because it makes it easy for the loggers to transport the logs. Due to decreased supply, loggers had to go far from water. They need horses and oxen for transportation purposes. These oxen were superseded by steam-driven locomotives and donkeys.

The onset of World War I and the demand for the “Sitka spruce of Pacific Northwest for airplanes” increased the demand for log trucks in Washington. The US Army assigned thousands of men to construct roads into western Washington for harvesting the lands that comprise of trees.

After the end of World-War I, a lot of extra military trucks were adopted. It was a beneficial step for countries that couldn’t afford costly locomotives. Payeur is a leading firm that provides various models of remorque a bois.

How the log trucks got improved?

The primitive logging trucks got enhanced in the 1920s with more heavy performance engines and efficient braking systems. The narrow and old rubber and steel tires were substituted by wide sized inflated tires with treads.

Timber roads paved the path for graded dirt ones. World War II showed the enhanced design of trucks, which were passed to logging firms through the sale of extra military automobiles post the war.

Types of logging trucks

Logging trucks come in two types. The first category comprises of the ones that are used on coarse ground and forest tracks and the ones that are used for transportation on normal roads and highways.

The tires of the trucks are very important as the roads in forests are temporary, and coarse. Due to which solid, high pressure and low-pressure tires are used in logging trucks. 9 axles are used for providing low ground traction and pressure.

To load a log, the truck should be fitted with single or multiple cranes or winches. These logs are mostly used for unloading logs by enabling them to roll off in a sideways direction.


In this way, logging trucks were evolved. These trucks made it easier for log cutters to easily transport logs for forest to destination.