What’s In My Vape Juice?

Have you just started vaping, having given up smoking? Or maybe you’ve been vaping a while, but do you know what’s in the e-liquid that is being turned into those lovely clouds via your favourite vape pod or pen? If not, then read on; this short article will give you all the information about the ingredients that make up the vape juice in your device.

The Magic Number is Four

There are four main components of e-liquid, they are Vegetable Glycerin or VG, Propylene Glycol (PG), food-based flavourings and, depending on whether you choose to have it pre-mixed or not, nicotine. Most e-liquids initially used by vapers just starting are mixed at a 50/50 PG/VG split to give a good even vape. Different e-liquids with several mix ratios are also available tailored to the type of vaping you might be doing.

The Good Stuff

The nicotine in the e-liquid you are using will be one of two types of nicotine; it will more than likely be freebase nicotine which is the standard form in most pre-mixed e-liquids and is also available to purchase separately as what’s called a Nic shot. The other form of nicotine is referred to as nicotine salt; this is refined from the tobacco leaves differently to freebase but is becoming increasingly popular as it gives a much smoother vape, again it is available as a Nic salt shot to those who mix their own e-liquid.

The Other Ingredients

Of the other components of e-liquid, each have different characteristics; Propylene Glycol is an organic compound that has been used in foods and medicines for over 60 years; it allows an e-liquid to have a high level of flavour. Vegetable Glycerin is a thicker clear, odourless liquid derived from plant oils like coconut or soy; e-liquid with a high VG content produces a superb smooth vape with larger clouds of vapour. The food-based flavours used in e-liquids are the standard flavours used in many different types of products in the food industry.

Different Mixes for Different Vapes

As previously stated, the standard e-liquid is mixed at an even fifty-fifty split of PG/VG, but there are also e-liquids pre-mixed at different ratios to give a better type of vape. The first of these is the 70/30 e-liquid which has a high level of VG, which, if you’re a budding cloud chaser, is perfect for your sub-ohm vape device. Its relative opposite is an e-liquid with an 80/20 mix with a higher PG content; this is usually used in vape pens and gives excellent flavour but less vapour.

Shortfill and Shots

You may have heard of both these terms; they both relate to vapers who are mixing their own e-liquid; they buy nicotine-free e-liquid in their chosen flavour and then add the nicotine. It’s simple, the nicotine-free e-liquid is called shortfill, and the separate nicotine element is referred to as the shot, shortfill + shot gives the vaper their own unique blend.

I hope this short piece has debunked some of the mystery of e-liquid for you – happy vaping!

While technically there is no use by or shelf life of e-liquid, there will become a time when the components start to break down; this typically takes place in around two years, so that is something to bear in mind.