A Guide to Selling Your Laundromat Business

Are you planning to sell your laundromat? Fortunately, there are numerous resources to look into as you make the big decision. That way, you know the important things to consider and how to sell your laundromat the right way. It goes beyond determining the price of your equipment or the commercial laundry parts you bought from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts.

That said, here are a few things to consider and tips to follow: 

  1. Prep Your Laundromat for Selling 

Remember, laundromats are valued based on the multiples of net income produces. That is the amount of money left after paying all the business expenses. That’s why you want to maximize the net income to prepare it for selling, getting a better price of it.

There are two sides you must look at, which are your: 


It’s best to focus on increasing your income. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Laundromat owners are a bit bad at raising prices to market value. They are hesitant as they would lose customers or competitors would undercut them, putting them out of business. Or, they just don’t like receiving customer complaints. But with inflation and expenses rising, it’s normal to raise prices!
  • Invest in effective advertising efforts, drawing in new customers. It can be through paid online advertising or organic advertising like SEO.
  • Set up promotions and discounts to increase your laundromat’s income. You may even want to offer new services like laundry delivery, alterations, and the like. There are other income streams to consider, such as selling detergent, snacks, and the like. 


Besides increasing your income, you must decrease your expenses. These are some tips you can follow:

  • You may want to decrease your staff or cut some of their hours whenever needed.
  • A lease is likely a large expense, so it may be worth discussing with the property manager or landlord to see if you can renegotiate the lease.
  • Gain efficiencies by replacing old equipment with new dexter laundry parts and energy-efficient equipment. You can save a lot in the long run when investing in equipment with features that save you on utilities while bumping up customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the services you pay for and see whether they are worth keeping or not, such as software, publications, or other services. 
  1. Prep the Laundromat Aesthetics 

Just like buying a house, aesthetics and first impressions matter. Imagine if you walked into a laundromat that wasn’t clean? It poses such a bad impression and can discourage people from actually buying or investing in the business.

  • Because of that, keep your laundromat clean and fresh! Have your facilities regularly cleaned by the staff or outsource cleaning services. You should also keep it fresh by adding plants, painting the walls, or even updating the flooring.
  • Maintain the exteriors as well, ensuring the curb is clean, windows are washed, and the signages are in great condition. 

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know how much to sell your laundromat, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above!