Upgrading Your Laundry Business – 4 Easy Steps for Retooling Refresh

Innovations have evolved thus increasing the efficiency of new and existing laundry businesses while accommodating the ever-changing landscape of the laundry industry. Whether you are an experienced commercial laundry operator looking to upgrade your existing store, a franchisee hoping to enhance your laundry equipment and processes, or a startup owner planning to grow into a multi-store operation, retooling your laundry business can save time and money while attracting new customers to your business. Additionally, it gives you a competitive edge over your competitors for increased profitability. In this article, we’ll discuss four steps you can take to renovate or retool your laundry business.

Invest in modern commercial laundry equipment

Upgrading commercial washer and dryer equipment is one of the ways that businesses can increase their productivity, as well as maintain standards while saving time and money. Newer machines provide operators with much better control of washing cycles, and there is less water waste as compared to older models. Fewer energy bills mean more revenue for your business, but upgrading your store’s commercial laundry equipment has a lot of other benefits. Your customers will also benefit from a better customer experience and reduced prices which can increase your customer acquisition and retention.

Review your business performance

Running an underperforming laundry business not only erodes your profits but if you’re your business so that competition can enter your area. Luckily, there’s something you can do to turn this around. To continue keeping your business running smoothly and growing, it’s vital that you regularly review its performance to ensure you are making the most of growth opportunities. Have an honest look at the business repair costs, turns per day, and utility expenses so you can clearly see the actual performance metrics. Additionally, remember to consult your accountant to find out about the possible tax benefits your business can enjoy from capital purchases.

Choose a location

The location you set up your business will determine the kind of customers you’ll attract, your pricing, and operating hours. Many people do their laundry outside of their homes because they are not able to invest in an expensive commercial washer and dryer. As such, the preferred laundry business location should be near high-traffic roads, with plenty of parking and with great visibility. If there’s no such place that meets these standards, then a mobile truck washer is a good alternative. With a mobile truck washer, you’ll have to invest in vending laundry machines that can be stationed in parking lots of strip malls, and pay someone to man the truck washer. Such a machine allows you to operate during flexible hours and meet customers where they are without being confined to a single location.

Work with authorized distributors

The right partner knows that choosing to retool or reinvest in your laundry business is a major decision that requires you to consider lots of things. As such, working with authorized distributors means you’ll be working with experts in the industry. Also, you’ll have access to the latest laundry equipment. The distributor will also assess the performance potential of the business as well as help you with equipment installation. Finally, they’ll ensure you have the support you need at every step so you can run a successful laundry business.

Retooling helps businesses reach new customers as well as get the most from new profit pools. To achieve this, you should choose the right partners, right location, and invest in modern laundry equipment.