Installing Demountable Glass Partitions In Your Office Space

Demountable glass partitions are an increasingly popular option for modern offices and commercial spaces. They provide an elegant solution for dividing up an open space while allowing plenty of natural light to flow through them. Installing demountable glass partitions can seem daunting, but it can be a straightforward process with the right tools and preparation. Here are the basic steps to install demountable glass partitions in your office, and you can also click here to watch a short video.

Step 1: Measure & Plan

Before beginning the installation process, you need to measure the area where you will install the partitions. Measure the space’s height, width, and depth to ensure that the demountable glass partitions will fit properly. It is also important to consider the design of the area and where the demountable glass partitions will be placed to ensure that they fit seamlessly into the existing layout.

Step 2: Choose The Right Glass Partition System

Several types of demountable glass partition systems are available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your space. Look for a system that is easy to install, durable, and customizable to fit your needs.

Step 3: Prepare The Installation Area

To prepare the installation area, remove any furniture or objects that may be in the way of the installation. Ensure the room is clean and free of debris before beginning the installation and give it a good vacuum to remove any dust and bits.

Step 4: Install The Track System

The track system holds the glass partitioning in place, so it is important to install it correctly. Start by attaching the track to the ceiling using the appropriate hardware. Then, attach the track to the floor using a drill and screws. Make sure the track is level and secure, and investing in a laser rangefinder is worthwhile to ensure everything is straight and level.

Step 5: Install The Glass Panels

Once the track system is in place, it is time to install the glass panels. Carefully lift the glass panel into the track system, slide it into place, and get some help to do this, so you do not drop them. Ensure the glass panel is level and seated securely in the track.

Step 6: Install Any Additional Hardware

Depending on the type of demountable glass partition system you choose, you may need to install additional hardware, such as door handles or locks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install any necessary hardware and look on their websites if there is no information on the instructions you received.

Step 7: Seal The Edges

Sealing the edges of the glass partitions correctly is important to prevent air and sound from getting through. Apply a sealant around the edges of the glass panel to ensure a tight seal.

Once the installation is complete, test the partition to ensure it functions properly. Slide the glass panel back and forth to ensure it moves smoothly in the track system. Open and close any doors or windows to ensure they operate correctly.

Installing demountable glass partitions can seem daunting, but it can be a straightforward process with the right tools and preparation. By measuring and planning carefully, choosing the right partition system, and following the installation steps carefully, you can create a beautiful and functional partition that enhances the design of your space.